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Advanced quality checks
Our very strict policy includes a systematic quarantine of supplies before they enter the production line, advanced checks to prevent any cross contaminations, allergens or heavy metals as well as microbiological checks. A continuous quantitative analysis also supplements each and every process.

We have been granted the AFNOR HACCP+ certification that combines the HACCP regulation method with the ISO 22000 fundamentals. This certification guaranties our clients of the quality of our products thanks to the control of the production line and the contamination risks. Our organic lines meets the French and European norms.

EquiQuantics and the Haras de la Vallée des Haflinger

La gourdaine – BP 30002
72550 Degre

The stud farm
60 acres of organic meadows
2 free stall barns
11 individual boxes
1 horse breaking-in manege

Our horses

30 full blood Halfinger mares
2 full blood Halfinger stallions
About 70 horses: foals born during year and older foals waiting to be sold
315 foals have been born at the stud farm since its creation for the great happiness of the owners!

The milking

11 month: mares’ gestation length
3 month: the age of the foal when we start milking the mares
4 milking a day
3 litres of milk per mare per yield

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