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The African cherry improves the urinary comfort for the men.

Vitamin E and zinc help protecting the cells against oxidative stress.


Take 1 to 3 capsules daily, on week days only.

Daily intakes (3 caps.) % RDA
Mare’s milk 180 mg  
African cherry 75 mg  
Tomato 10,5 mg
Zinc 9,39 mg 93,9%
Vitamin E 9 mg 75%
Beta-sistosterols 1,5 mg
Lycopene 1,05 mg
 *Recommended Daily Allowances 

Freeze-dried mare’s milk, African cherry bark extract (Pygeum africanum), zinc citrate, 10 % lycopene tomato extract, natural vitamin E, excipients. Gelatine case.

Net weight: 22,5 g
Made in Brittany, France

Prix pour 100g : 115€ 56

To be taken as part of a balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Ask your GP before starting the treatment. Keep away from children. Store in a dry, cool place.


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