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About your private data
In accordance with the French law of 6 January 1978 on Information Technologies, Data Files and Civil Liberties, the private data of the purchasers can be automatically processed. ÉquiQuantics reserves the right to collect any data on the purchasers, including by the use of cookies, and to transfer the collected data to third parties. Purchasers can oppose the transfer of their private data by addressing a request to ÉquiQuantics. Furthermore, in accordance with the French law of 6 January 1978, purchasers have the right to access and rectify any of their private data. The automatic process of data, including the email addresses of the purchasers, was the subject of a declaration to the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés – French National Commission on Information Technology and Liberties) under the number (…….).

Data archiving – Evidence
According to the article 1348 of the French Civil Code, ÉquiQuantics archives exact copies of both purchase orders and invoices onto a safe software system without any limit of time. ÉquiQuantics data archives will be considered as evidences of the exchanges, orders, payments and transactions between both parties.
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Free France delivery
on orders over 50 €

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Payment by check

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Bank transfer