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Terms and conditions


Ordering on the EquiQuantics website implies for the customer to agree without exception to EquiQuantics’ terms and conditions.


Orders are only completed when written: therefore, order made verbally and/or over the phone will only be considered as completed after a written agreement of the purchaser have been received (either by mail or through the website).


Shipping time is calculated from the moment the order is confirmed. Shipping usually takes between two and eight working days. However, the shipping time is for information purposes only as it can be subjected to variations of the supply stock or to any change of the regulations in force. Furthermore, the order can only be shipped in time if the purchaser has successfully completed the order and provided the information necessary.


Until delivery, parcels are under the responsibility of the haulier. It is the purchaser responsibility to make sure that neither the parcel nor the items have been damaged and the content is not missing. If any problem, the damages must be assessed and an inquiry must be made by phone to EquiQuantics After-Sales Service within 10 days (00 33 2 97 68 29 30). Inquiries about the product fault or non-compliance must be made either by mail or through EquiQuantics website within 10 days.


Orders can be cancelled within 10 days after receipt, on the condition that no packaging has been removed. Return charges are to be paid by the purchaser. No return request will be accepted after ten days.


Prices are indicated in euros. They include tax but not the shipping fees. For orders under 50€ placed in mainland France, the shipping fees amount 6€. For orders placed abroad, Corsica or Overseas Departments and Territories, please contact us.


Orders are to be paid to be shipped. EquiQuantics accepts four ways of payment:

– By cheque payable to EquiQuantics, 10 rue de Bretagne 56260 LARMOR-PLAGE. The order will be shipped only upon receipt of the cheque.

– By credit card (any CB, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard accepted in France, international credit cards accredited by the GIE Cartes Bancaires).

– By Paypal. You don’t have to create a Paypal account: you can pay by credit or debit card or make a Paypal transfer from your account to ours.

– By bank transfer. We accept orders paid by bank transfer (from your bank account to EquiQuantics’).


Every product still belongs to EquiQuantics until the order is fully and duly payed.


Our products are guaranteed for any defect of fabrication or composition for the duration of the date of validity indicated on the packaging. This guarantee applies if and only if the purchaser respects the directions of use and storage provided by ÉquiQuantics. Regarding the application of the guarantee, ÉquiQuantics’ only obligation will be to replace the faulty products. No other compensation nor damages will be granted.


Disagreements are only to be dealt with by Lorient Tribunal, regardless of the terms and policies, the payment method, of any appeal in guarantee, incidental claims or in the event of multiple respondents. The French Law shall be exclusively applicable to the disagreements mentioned above.


Neither ÉquiQuantics nor the customer could be held responsible, shall the contract not be fulfilled due to a case of force majeure (are considered cases of force majeure war, riots, insurrection, lockout, strike, natural disaster, and any export or import issue).