Mare’s milk

Of all, mare’s milk is the closest in composition to human milk.

It is as the same time low in casein and rich in albumin, a protein that makes it both very stable when heated and easily digested.
Moreover, mare’s milk nearly holds as many proteins as human milk while having the same percentage of sugar, mineral salts and vitamins. It has a high concentration of vitamin C.

Mare’s milk proteins are unlikely to cause any allergy due to their low levels of casein and beta-lactoglobulin.
Another quality of mare’s milk is its high concentration in alpha-lactoglobulin, a protein that facilitates the assimilation of lactose.

And did you know? Mare’s milk is twice as rich in lysozyme, a powerful anti-bacterial, as human milk!
Mare’s milk antibodies are also quite similar as those found in human milk which helps boosting the immune system.