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The royal jelly

The royal jelly Royal jelly is the only honey bee secretion used in the nutrition of bee queens. A bee queen can live up to 5 years and lay between 1500 and 2000 eggs a day when the average life expectancy of a bee is 45 days. Royal jelly is therefore an elixir of youth […]

The pearl powder

The pearl powder Pearl powder is an essential element of the Chinese pharmacopoeia, renowned and used for centuries. It boasts amino acids, trace elements and vitamins. Amino acids: Acides aminés : ▪︎ Taurine ▪︎ Méthionine ▪︎ Glutamine (which fuels the intestinal mucosa). ▪︎ Tyrosine (a precursor to the dopamine and noradrenaline neurotransmitters). ▪︎ Trace elements: Sulphur, […]

Mare’s milk

Mare’s milk Of all, mare’s milk is the closest in composition to human milk. It is as the same time low in casein and rich in albumin, a protein that makes it both very stable when heated and easily digested. Moreover, mare’s milk nearly holds as many proteins as human milk while having the same […]